Training to help you grow your business a lot faster (but it won't cost you an arm and two legs!)  

with Marketing and Mindset Strategist, Denise J. Hart

I'm super stoked to bring you the "Girls Night IN" virtual live training series. 

4 trainings held on Thursday nights (you don't have to leave your comfy home!) 

Each training is two hours long (7:30pm-9:30pm). You'll join me and your fellow entrepreneurs, via zoom webinar!

Each training will be recorded and made available to the attendees.  

All you have to do is register ($87 for each training). Then grab your favorite pen, journal, a onsie and maybe a glass of wine! 

4 Awesome Trainings to Help you Grow your Business When you're on a Budget: 

Backstage Blueprint (2/23) - Backstage Blueprint - How to structure your event to increase enrollment. Go behind the black curtain of making integrity based offers at live events. Learn the key questions you MUST answer before you book a venue or invite a guest speaker. This training is perfect if you're hosting events of 10 - 300 people.

Bloggers Who Dominate (3/9) - how to ramp up your blogging game and create a blazing platform. Learn how to brainstorm and figure out exactly what to blog about. Learn the critical game plan to set up your blog schedule and the 5 ways blogging impacts your marketing and revenue strategy. 

Stand Out (3/16) - how to make the right noise and get the right results in the marketplace. How to own your voice in the marketplace so you can't be duplicated. Get your social media scheduling template and learn the best practices for marketing your products and services. Learn exactly how to structure and maximize your facebook group.  

Get Paid to Speak Bootcamp (3/23) - how to speak powerfully from any platform and attract the right clients. Speaker training techniques for increased rapport and impact in the room. Learn the exact strucure for your magnetic speech. 

If you'd like to purchase any of the other trainings a la carte, just select one of the sage colored enrollment buttons. Each training is $87. 

Denise "JOY" Hart

Meet Denise Joy...

People tend to describe me as funny, warm, approachable and no nonsense. I'm a laid back, sometimes dressy, but always fly chic determined to help entrepreneurs demystify exactly what it takes to become a boss using their gifts to make some real mulah and use the internet to do it exceptionally well.

Entrepreneurs and Info-Preneurs tend to be attracted to me to learn how to do the stuff that's standing between them and their dreams. Stuff like marketing, speaking and hosting first class live events. As a result of working with me they go from making mediocre money to generating the kind of revenue they deserve while transforming thousands of lives.

But my life wasn’t always this way... I used to be a quitter. I used to be unfocused, bitter, afraid and clueless. 

A “C” average high school student, I dropped out of college the first time I went and I didn’t return until I was 24 and graduated at 32; and I once considered suicide.  

But thank God my story doesn’t end there. 

Through courage, tenacity and faith I shifted from a welfare identity to a worth and wealth reality. 

I'm now a seasoned national speaker, delivering my message with a touch of humor and a dose of "kick in the pants" honesty. I'm a guest treacher for the Steve Harvey Success Institute and former instructor with Lisa Nichol's online business programs. I've spoken on stages alongside Jen Kem, Doreen Rainey, Steve Harvey, Patrice Washington, TeeJ Mercer, Ali Brown and many nomre. 

In my 'other' life, I'm a tenured college professor and helping others cross over to their next level of greatness is my mission in life. A few publications I've written for include: featured columnist at and I've written for iCoach magazine and I really enjoy working with people from all walks of life. My son Julian remains my creative inspiration to express truth, love and unlimited possibility.

To get more speaking gigs, learn to effectively use internet marketing and sales and create a platform that helps you make a BIG impact and make great money doing what you love... come on and join us!